About Support Our Troops

About Support Our Troops:

Support Our Troops was founded as a Charter club at the Robson Ranch active-adult living community in Denton, Texas in August of 2006. Starting with just a few members meeting in living rooms, the club has grown to over two hundred members dedicated to supporting our military members at home and abroad. In January of 2007 we formally incorporated as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation, Support Our Troops, Inc.

Support Our Troops

 Executive Officers (As of   7/1/2016)

Mike Hoernemann--  President
Mike Sabo--  1st Vice President
Bill Moore--  2nd Vice President
Bill Wright--  Secretary
Quinn Sowell--  Treasurer

Support Our Troops


Corporate Board of Directors (As of  7/1/2016)

Ira Weinstein
Karen Keris
Kathleen Wazny
John Lodge
Donna Chabot

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