Providing Material, Physical and Emotional Support

Support Area Mission:

The mission of the Meet/Greet/Support/Communicate service area is to acknowledge the sacrifice and service of all military members by written words, verbal thanks, goods shipments, and donations to military charities. And, to promote community awareness and encourage local participation in Support Our Troops activities that honor our military men and women.

To accomplish the goals and objectives of the Support Area Mission we have broken our mission into seven (7) service areas:

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Shop, Pack and Send

Each month volunteers are organized to purchase goods to be packaged and then shipped to overseas military personnel who are related to Robson Ranch residents.


Meet and Greet R&R troops at DFW International Airport:

This activity is suspended indefinitely due to a change in how the military routes service members home for R & R. R & R flights through Dallas ended on March 14th, 2012.
On the first Saturday of every month between January 2007 and March 2012 Support Our Troops  members gathered to meet and greet troops returning from the Middle East at DFW International Airport. Members always dressed in something patriotic and many carried small US hand flags and welcome home signs. This activity was suspended at the DFW airport when returning troop flights began routing through the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. SOT members welcomed home some 10,362 soldiers between 2007 and 2012.


Written Communications to our troops

Each month Support Our Troops volunteers send the following written communications to military members related to Robson Ranch residents:
Notes of cheer and encouragement to service men and women overseas.
Notes of cheer and encouragement to stateside military personnel
Birthday Cards
In addition to the monthly mailings, in November of each year, volunteers send Christmas cards to all Robson Ranch family military members. Included in the cards sent to stateside military members is a check for $100.00. Checks are not sent to military members overseas because they receive a Christmas shipment of goods.

Homeland Support of our troops

Homeland support involves gathering information about various charitable organizations and non-governmental agencies which provide aid and assistance to our returning active duty soldiers and veterans (of all services) and their families. As donated funds become available to Support Our Troops they are proportionally allotted to the following military charities and priority areas as recommended by the Meet/Greet/Support/Communicate Committee and approved by the executive board of Support Our Troops:

Patriot PAWS

Intrepid Fallen Heroes

Fisher House


Board of Honor

Volunteers maintain two Boards of Honor with pictures of military men and women who are relatives of Robson Ranch residents.


Volunteers maintain a scrapbook that contains photos, thank you notes, news articles and other memorabilia.