Honoring Our Flag and What It Stands For

Ed Robson Blvd 180 Flag Display Mission:

To provide volunteers who will help place, recover and maintain the 180+ flags in the median of Ed Robson Blvd on designated flag holidays. This opportunity is open to any interested Robson Ranch resident who would like to participate.


U.S. Flag Home Installation Mission:

To provide, install and maintain a United States flag for all interested Robson Ranch residents. The flag symbolizes our patriotism, community spirit and support for the wonderful military men and women who serve and sacrifice so much for all of us.



Robson Residents who wish to display a curbside U.S. flag like the one shown above may purchase one from the Robson Ranch Support Our Troops organization. SOT has a U.S. Flag kit that we will install in your yard before the next flag flying day. For a $60.00 donation your kit includes a 3'X5' flag, a ten-foot steel pole, and an in-ground pvc sleeve. The sleeve allows for easy placement of your flag after sunrise and recovery of the flag at sundown. Friendly SOT members will install your flag kit for you. Our ongoing fundraiser will help you show your patriotism, your community spirit and your support for our troops all at the same time.  $25.00 of your donation is tax deductible. 
Robson Ranch Resident's who would like to have a flag installed please visit the Robson Ranch HOA website and login to the "resident only" area. In the "resident only" area.  In the "resident only" area select the "Member Center" menu. Select "Clubs" go to “Page 4”, click on “Support Our Troops at Robson Ranch” and select “SOT Home Flag Kit Order Form”.

Suggested Days to Fly the Flag*:

Jan 1--New Year’s Day
Jan 20 --President’s Inauguration Day (every 4 years)
3rd Monday in Feb --President’s Day
3rd Saturday in May--Armed Forces Day
Last Monday in May --Memorial Day
June 14 --Flag Day
July 4 --Independence Day
1st Monday in September--Labor Day
September 11 --In remembrance of 9/11
2nd Monday in Oct. --Columbus Day
1st Tuesday in Nov --Election Day
Nov. 11 --Veterans Day

Click here for US Flag Etiquette